• Elegantly Down-to-earth

    An eatery named after a fox features dishes made with seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients Lisa Purchase Kelly and her husband, Scott Kelly, of Saginaw, wanted to open a restaurant of their own for years. Scott had long worked as a chef, and was ready to take on the challenge of his own kitchen. The couple talked […]

  • Yesterday’s “Men of Iron”

    A1915 or 1916 World War I era photo shows a group posing at John K. Schmidt’s two-story blacksmithing business, located on the east side of 9 Mile Road, just north of Midland Road, Auburn. Photo labeling indicates (L-R) (unidentified) a standing man holding a mining pail and a knickers-clad boy holding a horse’s reins; Bill […]

  • Go Outside & Play

    Midland resident Danielle King looks forward to hearing about what her two sons learned while at preschool. They may tell her about lessons involving writing their names—in mud, using sticks as writing utensils—or they may come home literally drenched in mud, exclaiming, “We had the best day at school! We went to the pond and […]

  • The Most Important Meal of the Day

    Wonderful things happen over breakfast—strangers become friends, jobs are found, and tasty meals are had. While it has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, those heading out to area restaurants for a meal are finding that it’s about more than just the food. It’s about nourishing the soul […]

  • Flying Angler

    As the ice breaks up on rivers and lakes, look to the sky to see the flying angler: the Osprey. The Osprey migrates north in March through early April to its breeding grounds in Michigan. You will be impressed by the fishing prowess of the state’s only raptor that dives into water! There are certain […]

  • Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

        1 Farm-to-table restaurant Bradley’s Bistro (216 Federal Ave, Saginaw, 989-752-1400) offers many vegetarian dishes, while The Rusty Saw Smokehouse BBQ (804 E Midland St, Bay City, 989-332-2948) specializes in meatier options. 61 The first Bay City St. Patrick’s Day parade was held at 5:30 p.m. on March 17, 1955. Nearly 10,000 people attended, […]

  • A New “Class” of Zombie

    Kelly Murphy is known around Central Michigan University’s (CMU) campus in Mount Pleasant for her love of all things undead. Murphy, an assistant professor in the philosophy and religion department at CMU, has been bringing that love into her classroom for the past year by teaching a class centered on apocalypse scenarios and society’s current […]

  • Maintaining Fine Quality and Fair Prices

    For 115 years, the owners of Utermalen Furniture, at 921 North Johnson Street (now), Bay City, have insisted on offering their customers fine medium- to high-end furnishings and unique items at fair prices. In 1990, the Utermalen family sold the store to current owners Jay and Mary Lynn Pearsall. Mary, who has an interior design […]