• Capturing the Moment

    Following her true passion, Marcella Hadden photographs everything from bikers flying through the air to high school senior portraits

  • Hey, Neighbor

    A Bay City eatery serves the Italian cuisine its parent restaurant is known for, with a healthy twist

  • August Issue, 2014

    First, Do No Harm

    A family doctor’s motive for murder is fueled by passion and greed

  • August Issue, 2014

    Ageless Creativity

    What’s the key to staying active? Turn off the TV, get out of that easy chair, and grab a slice of life, say three vibrant 80-somethings. Take a class, go for a walk, or try your hand at something you’ve never done before. Above all, live your dreams.

  • Stealthy Hunters

    If you live in the country, you may come in contact with two stealthy hunters. Red and Gray Foxes, moving under the cover of darkness, will keep the rabbit and rodent populations in check.

  • July Issue, 2014

    Greatest of the Great Lakes Bay 2014

    Greatest of the Great Lakes Bay 2014 winners list

  • July Issue, 2014

    Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

    21,357,361 July 21 is National Hot Dog Day. Approximately 21,357,361 hot dogs will be sold at the 30 major league baseball parks this year. If lined up, they could connect Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with Wrigley Field in Chicago! Enjoy a hot dog at Dow Diamond (825 E Main St, Midland, 989-837-2255) this baseball […]

  • July Issue, 2014

    Cooking with Soul

    Many cooks enjoy experimenting with various ethnic cuisines. Someone may try French cooking, let’s say, or Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, or Asian. But rarely does one experiment with African-American food preparation, or as it’s more commonly known, soul food. Soul food comes in two basic categories, says a pair of Great Lakes Bay Region soul food […]