• July Issue, 2014

    Greatest of the Great Lakes Bay 2014

    DINING OUT Fine dining Shari at the Willard Hillton Auburn First date Old City Hall Restaurant Bay City Waterfront dining Dockside Bay City Networking lunch Café Zinc Midland Anniversary dinner Table Midland Breakfast Tony’s Multiple Great Lakes Bay Region locations Appetizers Whine Midland Indulgent desserts The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw Township […]

  • July Issue, 2014

    Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

    21,357,361 July 21 is National Hot Dog Day. Approximately 21,357,361 hot dogs will be sold at the 30 major league baseball parks this year. If lined up, they could connect Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with Wrigley Field in Chicago! Enjoy a hot dog at Dow Diamond (825 E Main St, Midland, 989-837-2255) this baseball […]

  • July Issue, 2014

    Cooking with Soul

    Many cooks enjoy experimenting with various ethnic cuisines. Someone may try French cooking, let’s say, or Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, or Asian. But rarely does one experiment with African-American food preparation, or as it’s more commonly known, soul food. Soul food comes in two basic categories, says a pair of Great Lakes Bay Region soul food […]

  • July Issue, 2014

    Something for Everyone

    When he sold the Kingfish restaurant in Bay City, co-owner Greg Kimbrue wasn’t ready to hang up his bar towel. After being in the wine and restaurant business for 25 years, Kimbrue was looking for something different. When he found a 5,600-square-foot building on Bay City’s Midland Street, he and wife Peggy set about making […]

  • July Issue, 2014

    Celebrating America’s 1976 Bicentennial

    Jim and Norene Draves, dressed as “Honest Abe” Lincoln and his controversial, ambitious wife, Mary, pose in proper somber fashion at their Wackerly Road, Sanford, home before leaving for the 1976 U.S. Bicentennial celebration at the Sanford Centennial Museum. The Sanford museum was established in 1970, when Sanford celebrated its centennial and set up a […]

  • July Issue, 2014

    Aerial Acrobats

    Bright colors whiz past you. Out of the corner of your eye you notice something hovering. Then it darts forward, backward, up, and down. Is someone playing with a remote-control helicopter? No, it’s one of nature’s aerial acrobats: a dragonfly. Brilliant hues and interesting names characterize these large summer insects. A Ruby Meadowhawk’s body glows […]

  • Business Q2, 2014

    Careers Are a Race of Many Laps

    In watching high school and college graduation ceremonies, I note that the graduates all seem full of hope and most full of promise. Some seem to have more promise because of their class rank and even physical features. But, if you have been around for a long time, you know that some with the most […]

  • June Issue, 2014

    West Side, East Side

    On June 28, 2014, the city of Saginaw will celebrate the 125th anniversary of Michigan Legislature’s passage of Act 455 that united Saginaw City and East Saginaw into a single city, offering greater opportunities for progress at the end of the lumbering era. The earliest settlement The merged city of Saginaw, located on the east […]