• October 2014 Issue

    Nature’s Engineer

    Nothing compares to the construction abilities of nature’s engineer, the American Beaver. A beaver family alters the environment to suit its lifestyle.

  • Real Men Get Screened

    Four GLBR residents share how regular health checkups saved their lives

  • October 2014, Issue

    A Decade Together

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Great Lakes Bay (Regional Lifestyle Magazine), we take a look back at what you, our readers, shared with us about our covers, feature stories, and more

  • September Issue, 2014

    Move to the Beat

    A CMU instructor teaches hip-hop and street dance culture in Mount Pleasant and beyond

  • Business Q3, 2014

    Take Your Show on the Road

    Exhibiting at trade shows is a race of many laps. But if you get a good start and finish strong, you’ll successfully win new customers.

  • September Issue, 2014

    Forced Extinction

    September 1 marks the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger v, a bird species that was once in the billions.

  • Business Q3, 2014

    Driving the Future

    Nexteer Automotive employees support local quality of life through volunteering, donations, and community involvement

  • Business Q3, 2014

    Challenge Opportunity

    Introducing the Great Lakes Bay Business Women Leaders Awards 2014 recipients