• Class Act

    Hit the books—or frost the cake, twist into a yoga pose, or plant a garden—to spend quality time together as a family Just imagine for a moment spending quality, one-on-one time with your children. No distractions, no phone interruptions, and nothing but time spent together enjoying one another. Can you envision the twinkle in your […]

  • Camping Close to Home

    It’s not how far away you go that matters; it’s how far away you feel.  Family life can be hectic. Carpooling and after-school activities, morning alarms, homework—and dinner still needs to hit the table! Sometimes, families just need a break. Yet scheduling and planning a vacation can become a hassle, too. Hotels, itineraries, travel coordinating, […]

  • Sears, Roebuck and Co. Mail-order Barns

    This 1935 photo shows an early Sears, Roebuck mail-order barn owned by Richard Sass, Mackinaw Road, Pinconning, since 1964. Men pictured are currently unidentified. It is known, however, that this barn was initially erected by Pinconning postal worker Arthur Durkee. A date embedded in the barn’s foundation includes one vague digit (4), suggesting likely 1914 […]

  • More Than Cupcakes

    Satisfy your stomach and your So, you’re spending the day in Frankenmuth. You may be walking downtown, checking out the River Place shops, attending one of the city’s many events, maybe taking a riverboat tour…and, more than likely, enjoying one of Frankenmuth’s world-famous chicken dinners at the end of the day. If you came into […]

  • The 1904 Ring Mansion Garden

    Charles Adams Platt’s 1904 Italian villa-style design remains a work of art in progress Volunteers have dedicated over six decades to the artful preservation and restoration of the Italian villa-style garden at the Saginaw Art Museum at 1126 North Michigan Avenue in Saginaw. The formal garden is part of the near one-acre 1904 Georgian Revival […]

  • A Truly American-Style of Architecture

    Prairie-style design, which came of age around the turn of the 20th century, is one of the few architectural styles that didn’t originate in Europe. This uniquely American school of design originated in the Midwest and developed as an offshoot of the Arts and Crafts movement. It was brought to fame by its most renowned […]

  • Purely Prairie Meets Modern Family

    Clean lines, an open floor plan, and natural, rustic touches meld design styles in a new-build home “We debated between building and buying a home for a long time. We had been somewhat ‘nomadic’ for years, but since we were starting our family, we wanted more space and permanence than apartments could provide. So, we […]

  • Great Lakes Bay Region tidbits, trivia, and conversation starters

    42 When it comes to knowing what types of Easter candy please the palate, the majority of Americans say a solid chocolate bunny (42 percent) or a hollow chocolate bunny (21 percent) is their favorite, followed by other types of treats (9 percent). Hop into Zak’s Bavarian Kandy Haus (636 S Main St, Frankenmuth, 989-652-9331) for all of the above, […]